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How to maintain the toner cartridge and cartridge?

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Geregistreerd op: 16 Okt 2017
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BerichtGeplaatst: Ma Okt 16, 2017 10:29 am    Onderwerp: How to maintain the toner cartridge and cartridge? Reageren met citaat

Copiers and printers is very common in modern office, even some customers also need one machine, one machine in a collection of print, copy, fax, scanning and other functions. In the daily use, we combine the situation of some customers, as well as our V4INK firm understanding of the supplies which supply cheap toner cartridges, wrote a little experience, hoping to help everyone do the daily maintenance work.

Laser printer cartridges for the silicone light conductor, there is fatigue problems, therefore, continuous working hours can not be too long, if the output is very large, can work after a period of time to stop for a while and then continue to output. Some users with two dell toner cartridges to work alternately, but also a way. As for the maintenance and maintenance of the drum, the general can be carried out as follows:

Carefully remove the drum unit, wipe the surface with absorbent cotton, but can not be forced to prevent the drum surface scratched.

Use a degreasing cotton dipped in a toner cartridge to clean the surface of the drum. Wipe should be taken when the screw-type method, polished immediately after the use of defatted cotton to clean the detergent.

With a talc powder gauze on the drum surface gently take a layer of talc, you can replace the use.
Usually in the replacement of toner to pay attention to the waste toner collection warehouse in the waste powder clean up, so as not to affect the output effect. Because the waste powder accumulation too much, the first will appear "leakage powder" phenomenon, that is, in the output of the sample (usually vertical) irregular black spots, black blocks, if not excluded and continue to use, over a period of time "Leakage" will appear serious bottom ash (and longitudinal scratches). The reason for this failure is the beginning of the accumulation of waste powder over, so that the waste powder can not enter and waste toner warehouse will continue to "squeeze" out and produce "leakage powder" Then, because the waste powder contains paper gray, fiber and other dirt, rough, and toner cartridge for a long time friction, and more and more tight, more and more pressure, and ultimately the photosensitive drum surface wear off the cartridge it's broken. So the output of the paper-like bottom ash serious, because they have been longitudinal friction, so in the bottom ash can be seen in the vertical scratches. So, in the discovery of output "leakage" when immediately clean up the waste toner box. Finally, note that the cartridge cleaning should try to avoid light.
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